Party Buffets

Fun Bites Finger Food

We specialize in party food! We love buffets where people can grab a small plate, pick up a few assorted bites, and get back to mingling.

We recommend mixing at least 1 savory with 1 sweet. Treats are nice, but savories are even more popular.

Prices are for the food on disposable serving platters with serving utensils. There is a delivery fee of $15 to Utah county, $25 to Salt Lake County, and $40 to Ogden area. Price is the same for any quantity of delivery.

If you want staff service at the event, add $50 per hour per 75 people. For disposable plates, napkins, cups, & silverware add $2 per person. Linen service and table decor with nicer upgraded platters: price varies. Call for quote. Requires our staff on site.

Save time! One option if you want us to put it all together for you. Give us your budget, the number of people you will have and the amount of time you want food out for. We will ask a few food preference questions, pick foods that fit your budget, then come, set up, and stock the buffet the whole time. Plan on $7-12 per person.

A few fun ideas:


 meatballs in sauce, call for pricing
baked potato skins* $35 per tray. Includes sour cream. 35 pcs. minimum.

lil' smokie bites $1 each, minimum order $25

chicken salad mini or half croissonts $2.50 each, puffs $1.50 each, minimum order 25
cups of fruit skewers (3 pcs. fruit) with fruit dip $1.50 each, minimum order 25

watermelon basket $20
cheeseball and crackers $25 platter, 1 cheeseball, crackers and serving knife 
(choose from peppered blue cheese or green onion and almond)

mini crab cakes* $30 per platter

coconut shrimp with a thai sweet chili sauce* $35 per platter, serves about 40

Cups of apples with sauces and toppings $1 per serving, minimum order $50

stuffed celery (cream cheese and olive or peanut butter) $20 for a platter, $25 for mixed platter, serves at least 30

baked ravioli* baked meat or cheese ravioli on platter with marinara dipping sauce $35 per platter

cheese platter (prices vary based on size and variety)

cheese & crackers $35 per tray (choice of cheese & meat, can add cream cheese or mustard)
 cucumber BLT bites $35 per tray (35 bites minimum per tray)

caprese skewers: fresh mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil and aged balsamic $1.50 ea., minimum order $25. Can add pepperoni for $.25 ea. Can also do on toast points with pesto for the same price.
deviled eggs 15 eggs, comes on disposable serving tray, $15

bruchetta* (tomato, brie with apple, or caprese (shown)) $1 each, $25 minimum order

savory turnovers (brie & cranberry, chili relleno) $2.50 ea. minimum order 12

BLT's on toast points $1.50 each, minimum order of 20

veggie cups with dip $1.50 ea. minimum order 20

onion rings with caramelized onion aioli dip $1 per onion ring with dip, minimum order $25

veggies in a  jumbo pasta shell $1.50 ea. minimum order 20

pickled asparagus bites, 2 for $1, minimum order 25

hummus plate: pita wedges, carrots & celery with hummus, $30 per platter
(comes with twice that many pita chips)

*requires an oven (not warming oven) onsite or there will be a $100 charge for oven rental


fruit tarts $3.50 each, minimum order 9

Mousse cups $3 each, minimum order 16

Cheesecake bites $1 each. Minimum order 25.
choose from New York, Cookie, or Chocolate. Minimum 25 per flavor.

Mini cinnamon rolls $15 per tray, minimum 18 per tray.

 popcorn balls $1 ea., $25 minimum order

candy (prices vary)

muddy buddies in cups or bowl, $1 per cup or $25 per bowl, $25 min. order

cream puff bites $1 ea. min. order $25. Choice of chocolate or vanilla

danish pastry, choice of topping (cherry, blueberry, cream cheese, strawberry) $1.50 ea, min. order 25

mini apple turnovers $2 ea.

chocolate covered strawberries $1.25 each ($1.50 with nuts), minimum 25
chocolate dipped pretzels $1 ea. $25 minimum order 

chocolate covered marshmallows $1 each. $25 minimum order 

macarons (customizable) $90 per box, 72 cookies per box, choose 3 flavors & colors

6", 8", 10" layered cakes available, call to discuss

cupcakes $1 each, your choice of flavor & color, decorated. Minimum order $25
(with macaron add $1 each)