Soup Delivery

Frozen soups are amazing. They heat up in under 5 minutes and taste just as good as the day they were made. Perfect for business offices that need fast meals on site, or busy moms who just need to catch a quick bite.

Our soups start with home made stock and end with real ingredients made by real people. You can taste the difference in every delicious bite. The soups are then packaged in individual portions and immediately frozen to lock in freshness.

Our soup delivery service comes with a mixture of soups each week based on what is in stock. Soups change throughout the season. You can choose the number of soups you want each week and change the number as you go. If you have preferences you can request them. It may take a week or two for your preferences to be added to the lineup. You can also do bi monthly or monthly deliveries.

Soups may include:
Zuppa Tuscana
Sausage lentil (dairy free, grain free)
Sweet hot chili* (dairy free, grain free)
Vegetable beef * (dairy free, grain free)
Chicken noodle (dairy free)
Pozole (dairy free, grain free)
Chicken enchiliada (dairy free, grain free)
Tuscan white bean (dairy free, grain free)
Italian wedding soup (dairy free)
Broccoli cheddar (vegetarian)
Corn chowder (vegetarian)
Potato leek (vegetarian)
Tomato basil (vegan, dairy free, grain free)

Pricing: Soups are $4 each or $5 each for those marked with a *. Weekly delivery fee is $20 to Utah County, $30 to Salt Lake County. You will be billed a few days before your delivery to have time to change your order if needed.

Contact us for questions or to get started.