Woodland Creatures Baby Shower

We were absolutely delighted when a client asked us to cater her baby shower. The theme was so much fun to work with!

We have included a few pictures as well as a price list at the bottom.

Chicken salad sandwiches, 12 for $30
Pasta Salad, price varies (as shown $30)
Fruit Kebabs, $15 per dozen, minimum orders apply based on fruit chosen
Almond Hedgehog Cheeseball, $25
Bacon Hedgehog Cheeseball, $15
Crackers, $4 per cheeseball
Paw Print Cookies,  $10 per dozen (choice of dark or light per dozen)
Chocolate Covered Pretzels, $20 per dozen
Log cake, $20 each. As presented $50 (two cakes plus fruit)
Owl Centerpiece $25 (if also ordering fruit skewers or other fruit or price goes up)
Chocolate Mice, $15 per dozen
Peanut Butter Truffle Acorns, $15 per dozen
Delivery to Orem, setup and take down $30
Platter and service utensil rental, $25